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Saturday, September 17, 2005

seminar week

aahhhhhhhhhhhhhh long week...just sitting sitting sitting and o ya did i mention sitting? lol jk it was good...i mean the basic life principles seminar...very educational....somehow i feel quite peaceful..or more than b4 anyways yay! anyways......lotsa hw >_< argh....probably gonna stay up late tomorrow nite cuz i'm lazy rite now and armagedons on!!! haha...priorities so bad XD lol haha *'cuz i'm leaving on a jet plane, i don't know when i'll be back again* lol hm...weird...hyper and tired at the same time...nvr had that happen b4...lol anyways ttyl....haha bibi


  • hey jan,
    yay. The seminar was good, but waaaaaaaaaaaay too long. I have no attention span.
    You can always delete people's comments if you want. LIke this penis enlargement pills comment you've got here. There should be a little garbage can on the comment and you just have to click on it.
    For word verification, all you have to do is go under settings, then go to comments, and it's one of those yes/no questions near the bottom. Just turn it on.
    Well, if it's confusing, I'll just come over and help you with it. =) I'm sure I'll be over some time soon. =)

    By Blogger dedicated, at Saturday, September 17, 2005  

  • ^^ er odd comment...
    Anyhow, you're leaving on a jet plane? Or am I missing something here?
    Still haven't watched 'the Pretender' *sighh*

    By Anonymous anlai, at Wednesday, September 21, 2005  

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